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Q: Why should I use a letting agent?
A: Using a letting agent takes the strain out renting your property. They can deal with the bad bits easily and quickly, for example rent arrears and deposit disputes. The agents will deal with everything from viewings to contracts and deposit schemes so you can rest easy.
Q: What is the tenancy deposit scheme?
A: It is a legal requirement that a tenant’s security deposit is placed in an approved protection scheme.
Q: Why should I have an inventory?
A: It is very important to have an inventory of the contents and condition of your property and its contents because if there is a dispute over damage at the end of the tenancy the inventory is your evidence of the condition at the start of the tenancy.
Q: Why do I need an EPC?
A: An EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) is a legal requirement for any prospective tenant to see prior to viewing a property. Failure to comply can result in the landlord receiving a fine.d
Q: Why can’t the landlord go into their property during the tenancy?
A: The landlord can enter the property during the tenancy if correct notice is given to the tenant.
Q: What happens if the tenant doesn’t pay?
A: NV would deal with late payments. The tenant would be issued with a late payment fee. If the rent is not paid for more than 5 days NV would take further action to ensure the rent was paid.
Q: What happens if the tenant damages my property?
A: Reimbursement for any damages will be taken from the security deposit that was taken at the start of the tenancy.
Q: What is TPO?
A: The Property Ombudsman – This is an independent body that Landlords can refer any complaints to should the agent fail to address something to their satisfaction.

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