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We source you the best possible tenants for your property and when they have selected a property we would take the appropriate admin fees for  ID and Credit Checks, request and file all relevant documents/proofs. Take the monthly rent upfront and deposit. Draft the contract and ensure that the deposit is secured.  We charge One weeks rent for this service.  For exmaple if the monthly rent was £1200 PCM, The Fee would be £300 as a one off payment for the term of the Tenancy.

Let Only

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We again source tenants and do all the above but we collect the rent on behalf of the Landlord and chase up any outstanding payments that are due by liasing with the tenants directly or to retrieve the rent through any debt agencies. This service is charged at 7 % For exmaple if the monthly rent was £1200 PCM, The Fee would be £84.00 on a monthly basis.

Rent collection

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We do all the above. Routine visits to the property and the landlord is advised of the outcome. This fee covers advising all utility providers of any tenancy changes, arranging routine repairs and holding the keys during the tenancy. Upkeeping and maintaining the property as well as ensuring that all certifcation is in place.This is a monthly commission calculated as a percent age of the monthly rent, for collecting and remitting the monthly rent received, deducting commission and other works to the property, and supplying monthly statements.When necessary it includes the pursuance of non-payment of rent and providing advice on rent arrears/actions. This service is charged at 12%. For exmaple if the monthly rent was £1200 PCM, The Fee would be £144 on a monthly basis.

Fully Managed

Guide To Landlords

We offer  property letting and management serviced for landlords wanting an income from their property but want detachment from the day to day running of their properties and their upkeep. This is where we come in.

Letting is a popular choice for home owners and for investors seeking rental income. If you do chose to let your property you need to be sure that you, as a Landlord you are gettimng the most out of your properties.

We do our absolute best to ensure that we protect your investment and that we source the best possible tenants for your properties who will look after your properties and pay their rent on time.

When NV Estates initially visit you at your property we will ensure that our team members work with you in your best interests.

  • Free listing and promotion of available properties through our shopfront- Window cards ,Zoopla, NV Estates website, Student and General Lists.

  • Distinctive To Let Boards

  • Registered tenants- interviewed and prospected.

  • Arrange viewings and respond to enquiries.

  • An  administration  fee  is  paid  by  tenants.

  • Collection of  tenant deposit  and rent.

  • Tenancy deposits protected through DPS.

  • Our Referencing Service includes the ID and Credit Check references from an employer, an accountant, a solicitor, a previous landlord or lender, and a personal reference.


An EPC’s purpose is to record how energy efficient a property is. This information is made available to the

tenant and is always accompanied by a recommendation report that lists cost effective measures to improve the property’s’ energy efficiency. An EPC is valid for 10 years and can be renewed at

any time should the landlord carry out works that improve the energy efficiency of the property.